Session Information

Whether it is a newborn, baby, family or even a senior session; each session with Aurora D Photography is highly personalized.  You can contact Aurora with any questions and she will be happy to respond.  Sessions are completed in three steps:

  • Before Your Session:  When you contact Aurora to book a session, Aurora will start working on perfecting your session from the start.  In order to do this, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about what you are looking for in your session.  Based on your answers, Aurora will put together a personalized session just for you.
  • Session: Sessions generally run for 60-90 minutes, except for newborns which you can expect to run up to three hours.  Aurora welcomes all questions and will often give you a sneak peak behind the camera.  Generally sessions are easy going and fun.  After the session we will schedule a post-session follow up.
  • After Your Session: Around a week after your session, Aurora will follow up with you to view your photos.  She will also provide samples of prints and print sizing, and will work with you to determine your perfect, personalized package.  Any orders made during this appointment will be subject to a 20% discount.