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At the beginning of the summer, after much searching, we got a dog.  He was a gorgeous, sweet basenji boy named Wyatt.  My kids adored him.  He kept them company while they did their school work, and then he would jump up and be ready to play when they were done.  He adored learning new tricks and performing for an audience.

I kept telling myself that I needed to get him into the studio and take his photo.  Before I could ‘find the time,’ I headed out of town to a class.  Unfortunately, while I was away, Wyatt managed to escape the house and was hit by a car.  Needless to say, we were devastated. After a lot of tears, sadness, anger and discussion, we decided to pause a bit and revisit getting a dog a bit later.  We wanted to give us time to pull ourselves back together and to be sad for the loss of a lovely companion who fit our family seamlessly. 

Fast forward to about six weeks ago, when I got a call from one of the fabulous ladies who had bred and shown Wyatt.  Now, I can’t say enough about these women.  They have been so kind to us and were really amazing all around.  They breed beautiful dogs, raise them well, and work hard to place the perfect dog in the perfect home.  They are the paradigm of responsible breeders. 

When I got this phone call, she told me that they had a dog who needed a home, and we could have him so long as we could pick him up.  We figured it out in the end and brought Willie home.  The coolest thing about it all is that Willie is Wyatt’s littermate!  Willie has been incredibly wonderful in a very different way.  He’s cuddly, sweet, and playful. 

So, besides a gorgeous picture, what’s my point here?  Well, I have a lot of snapshots and videos of Wyatt for which I’m grateful.  My kids, who have struggled with this loss, have asked several times to see photos of Wyatt.  I am so glad that we have them so that we can remember that short but sweet time in our lives.  However, I regretted not getting him into the studio for a formal portrait.  For me, a formal portrait is a bit different than phone snapshots.  A formal portrait shows a kind of beauty in detail and a reflection of the subject’s personality in a very subtle way.  It is both art and memory, wrapped together and framed on your wall. 

This Thanksgiving weekend, as we celebrated being thankful for all we have and have had, I decided to bring Willie into the studio for a quick portrait.  Because I didn’t want to not have one later.  So, perhaps this is a long-winded reason to reiterate that if you have been considering formal portraits of your children, pets, or family, don’t wait.  Do it now, because you never know what will happen. 

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