Mommy and Me Mini Session! | Raleigh Family Photographer

January 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This weekend I'm going to be photographing mommy and me mini sessions at Grow, the Family Boutique.  I often spend January gearing up for the spring season and getting my samples organized, my taxes ready and my ducks in a row for the year.  It's a time to focus on my goals, both personal and business, and try to get myself a bit more organized than I am (Um, in full disclosure, it's probably going to take me at least until February to get all the things done that I was hoping to do).  But guess what?  I still am a photographer and I still love actually doing photography best of all!  So, I was browsing my photos for my family's personal albums and noticing how few photos I was actually in.  I realized that I wanted to take some gorgeous images of mamas and babies and children all together looking beautiful.  And I couldn't quite wait until May to make this happen (hint hint - Mother's Day special spoiler alert!).  So I reached out to my fabulous friends over at Grow and we decided to set up this event.  

Mini sessions are unique because they only happen a few times per year.  These 20 minute mini-sessions are going to be twenty minutes long and come with a fabulous 8x10 image as well as a Facebook profile picture (because who doesn't want a fabulous photo on your social media accounts?).  I'm going to be offering a special menu featuring gift prints, and a few other fun items, and of course, my main product catalogue will be available as well.  I'm going to bring a few outfits along for people as well, and for girls ages 2-7 (trust me, I've got some great kids looks - have you seen the amazing lace and tulle on my Instagram feed?)  This is a great opportunity to come by and get in on the picture. 



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